Women’s Hair Loss – How to Heal And Handle It

Women are affected by hair loss as much as men are. There are even experts today who believe that women are afflicted with hair loss more than men. There are quite a few alternatives when it comes to managing women’s hair loss and only a few for men’s hair loss. The fact is that there are a lot of different ways that you can treat or deal with thinning hair if you are a woman. If you are a woman dealing with hair loss, one of the treatments discussed below may be of interest to you.

Fashion is your friend! Men definately have fewer options for covering up hair loss. Women suffering from hair loss need only accessorize! Colorful scarfs are a fantastic way to hide that balding head. If you can imagine it you can probably find a scarf to match it. You might only want something the size of a kerchief. You could use something that looks more like a hooded shawl. There is no end to the choices you’ll have. What man do you know who can do that?

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Some women go for herbal solutions to treat their hair loss. Some herbs like palmetto are believed to work in a similar way, that prescriptions for hair growth work. Decidedly, before you begin to bombard the aisles of your local health food mart or spend a ton of money on supplements, meet with a nutritionist and a doctor. Make sure there isn’t a medical reason for your hair loss before you take the herbal route. And, like usual, consult with a professional herbologist to be assured you won’t be mistakenly doing more evil than good to yourself.

Propecia is given to men who desire to fight again hair loss, quite a bit. To be positive, it is one of two medications approved by the FDA for men (Rogaine is the alternative) who desire to regrow hair) It has not been endorse by the FDA for use in women. Of course, this does not mean it is illegal to use it. Investigations have uncovered some triumphs with this drug. Truth be told, the side effects of the drug that men think are aggravating (especially the lowered libido) do not seem to happen for women.

Women’s hair loss is getting a lot of publicity recently. This is good news! This suggests that many people are concerned, which could lead to new solutions! Your hair loss can be dealt with in a number of ways. Talk to your doctor and your family; you will figure out which methods are best for you!

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