Causes of Hair Loss

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We often see a lot of bald men in public. Usually, these men are at their golden years hence, it is nothing peculiar. But, did you know that adolescents are also prone to hair loss even in their early years?

So, what are the causes of hair loss?

Basically, we lose our hair each day. About 50-100 hairs are lost daily. Yet, this is something anyone should not worry about. This normal type of hair loss is due to hair replacement occurring in our scalp. Once the hair is lost, a replacement hair will eventually grow back in the same follicle.  But, if you lose more than the usual daily, then that is something you need to have your doctor checked.

A normal hair loss is caused by three factors. Aging is a very common cause of hair loss since many old people starts to lose their hair after the age of 30. Another cause is the lifespan of the hair. Four and a half years is considered as the life span of one hair and will eventually grow another hair after six months. Of course, too much styling in the hair will always lead to hair loss. Prolonged pulling of hair, blow drying and hair treatment will make your hair easily fall out.

A person losing his or her hair may mean something abnormal is going on in the body. One cause of hair loss is sickness. If a person is in a crucial state of having a disease, then he or she will eventually lose his hair. In addition, there are medical treatments that would lead to hair lose much like chemotherapy.

Normally, a common cause of hair loss is stress. Too much stress in the body will cause several diseases and abnormalities including hair loss. In this hair loss condition, a person can experience either one of the two types of hair loss caused by stress. One is the telogen effluvium. This is a much common type of hair loss. The tendency is for your hair to stop growing and will gradually fall out. After 6 to 9 months, it will then grow back.

Another type is the alopecia areata. This type of hair loss is induced due to the attack of white blood cells into the hair follicles. Within one week, all the hair in the scalp including hair in the body will fall out. To allow the hair to grow back, a treatment is required.

Other causes of hair are drug intake, skin disorder and iron deficiency. Hereditary hair loss is also common to people. People with genetic pattern of baldness or hair loss will most likely incur similar problem. This is mostly common in men than in women because of the testosterone which is much abundant in men.

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