What Are The Signs Of A Hair Loss Remedy Scam?

There are hundreds of thousands of people around the world looking for a male and female hair loss remedy that will work. You’d know this if you realize that hair, in many cultures, has become a sign of great beauty. This part of the head is also one of the areas that quickly fall within sight. Lots of people thus associate their sense of self-esteem with fantastic hair.

Enterprising businessmen have just gotten wind of the growing preoccupation over hair loss. Since there are people who would jump on the opportunity to prevent losing their locks, merchants have tried to meet the demand. Sadly, there are many products out there that are really good for nothing. Individuals who are just too desperate quickly become the victims of aggressive false advertising.

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Before you pay for any hair loss remedy, take the time to look at its true identity. There are a couple of things that can give false products away.

Huge Claims

In the early days of internet marketing, the typical promise was instant gratification. These days however, buyers are more circumspect. The effect of greater consumer awareness is the shift in promotional tactics. Often, manufacturers will try to get buyers by swearing to deliver great results after some time. To add drama to the claim, they will show pictures of before and after product use to control hair loss. If you scrutinize the images however you will quickly see that something isn’t right at all. The pairs of images may actually be headshots of different people, edited pictures or images of the same head but one has a hairstyle that covers bald areas.

Non-Existent Customer Support

Bad customer service is one of the top signs that you could be entrusting your cash to a scammer. This is even if a product shows promise or is seemingly effective. Scam products have service representatives that are always unavailable when you have something to complain about. What’s worse, some companies display numbers that don’t exist. It’s a good idea to at least test contact numbers for actual availability.

Bogus Guarantees

Some products have active customer service centers. The only problem is that a scam product will have reps that will not deliver on product guarantees. A product site may advertise a full money back guarantee but when you attempt to claim your refund, you will be told one excuse after another. The usual excuse is that you have fallen out of the refund time limit.

For the sake of argument, there might really be a couple of good male and female hair loss products that you can use for your hair problem. Always be very careful though when you shop for a hair loss remedy. You could very easily come across a scam product or system. The key is to control your eagerness for a solution and to remain realistic about what current technology can accomplish for your condition.


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