Two Extremely Different Causes For Hair Loss

Our family members has had a really wild ride lately. My dad has usually had an “I can do anything” attitude. Nevertheless, this specific task is proving to become more of a challenge than he anticipated. Learn more information about Hair loss treatment.

From The Starting

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5 years ago, my family’s world was turned upside down. Dad came house from a routine doctor’s appointment and announced that he had cancer. For six months, Dad held tight towards the mantra, “We can beat this.” His positive attitude paid off; after his final dose, Dad’s physician declared he was cancer totally free. Two years later, although, the cancer was back.

The second round of therapy was much different. Dad had a stem cell transplant. Dad was offered a drug to increase his stem cell production. The extra stem cells had been harvested and set aside for later. Then, Dad was offered a lethal dose of chemotherapy. The excessive chemo killed Dad’s stem cells additionally towards the cancer. So, the harvested cells had been utilized to replenish his body’s reserve.

A couple of months ago, we got “the call” once more; Dad’s cancer was back. As if the stem cell transplant wasn’t strenuous enough, Dad would need to undergo an much more arduous therapy procedure this time. The physician informed us that Dad needed a bone marrow transplant. The entire therapy procedure had several stages; Dad was to begin the very first stage, chemotherapy, immediately.

Yesterday, Dad woke up and discovered clumps of hair on his pillow. This was not surprising to any of us. We had been all chemo veterans now and knew that hair loss was a side impact from the drug. What we didn’t anticipate, although, was for Mom to begin loosing her hair too. Even though connected, the factors for hair loss had been different in between Mom and Dad. Whilst Dad’s was a result of chemotherapy, Mom’s was a result from the stress related using the therapy procedure.

We All Feel His Discomfort

Simply because Dad’s therapy procedure was going to become a lengthy haul, we figured we much better appear into a hair loss therapy strategy for Mom. If she didn’t find a method to manage her stress much better, she would be bald just like Dad. Even though he admitted it would be difficult, Mom’s normal practitioner recommended she find some ways to relax. Maybe she could take a walk within the evenings. Or find some quiet time to read a (positive and uplifting) book. Or perhaps she needed to consider going to a mindless, comedic movie as soon as per week.

Mom’s physician also recommended she focus on her diet plan more. Insufficient levels of protein and iron could also trigger hair loss. Mom has been so busy lately. She schleps Dad back and forth from doctor’s appointments and chemo treatments. She requirements to stop ignoring her personal well being and take the time to consume correct meals.

A lot too soon, Dad’s chemo treatments had been finished. He was nearly ready for the bone marrow transplant. That didn’t leave us much time to enforce the way of life changes Mom’s physician had recommended. Hopefully, she will probably be in a position to remain on top of her personal well being because the next challenge approaches.

There had been only a few hospitals within the whole country that carry out bone marrow transplants. The nearest hospital was several hours from house. In accordance with her doctor’s wishes, Mom decided it would be best for her to rent an apartment close to Dad’s hospital. That way, she would be spending much less time on the road and more time relaxing. As Mom and Dad packed their bags, we realized the following few months would be like none we had ever experienced before.

All of us, especially Mom, will probably be happy when this really is over and Dad is cancer totally free once more. Within the meantime, Dad is handling the whole procedure like a champ. As is his custom with everything, he stays optimistic about the prognosis.

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