Myths Surrounding Hair Loss In Women

It cannot be denied that sudden hair loss in women is receiving a lot of attention. Along with genuine expert resources out there is a host of information that may or may not be accurate. If you are a woman suffering from thinning hair, looking for reliable information may become frustrating. Here are some top female hair loss myths to consider to help you separate good from bad information.

#1- It can be pinned down to one causal factor.

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In men, the cause of hair fall is often associated with genes or hormonal activity. Many resources cite the same factors for the female condition. It has been determined though that women have a couple of other factors pitching in. It is true that hormones are strong factors. When estrogen levels drop, women become more prone to hair issues. This is only half of the story though. There are also a couple of females who start losing their locks because of extreme ailments.

#2- Old women are the only ones who need to worry.

Women in general don’t end up with wide bald areas on the scalp. What they experience is often just diffuse thinning. This is one reason why elder women may have wispy locks. It is not true however that only the old ones are prone to this condition. There are also some young individuals that experience it. These are the ones who are most likely ill with a severe disease or are experiencing hormonal issues. Those who have just given birth for instance are likely to see more falling strands than usual because of the changes in estrogen supply.

#3- The hair stylist can cause the loss of hair in women.

There is a prevailing belief among many individuals that frequent trips to the hair salon can cause hair fall. While it is true that frequent styling can damage the quality of hair, there is no truth that it is the main culprit in hair loss. At the most, hair will go dry with too much treatment application. The only real danger to hair styling is if you choose to go for tight hair styles such as braids and corn rolls. These can uproot the hair and cause scars to form that can impede hair growth.

#4- The female condition can be remedied and cured.

You can help yourself grow healthier hair if the causes of its loss are related to illness and stress. You might not be able to do much though to control hair loss if the cause is hormonal in nature. If you qualify for hormone replacement therapy, you might get your old locks back but there are individuals who aren’t good candidates for it. You might also opt to take minoxidil but you can’t expect dramatic results out of it. You can’t take more than a very small amount because huge amount aren’t safe for female intake. Researchers are still clearly out there looking for better solutions to the problem.

The causes of hair loss in women have definitely become very interesting for a lot of people. If you’re looking for details though, you should be very careful with what you read.

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