How did the Easter bunny become part of a religious holiday?

Easter is one of the most important Christian holidays only second to Christmas. It has been celebrated for centuries by Christians around the world. Colored eggs and bunnies have come to be associated with this holiday and many people wonder why. How does the Easter bunny and eggs commemorate the ascension of Christ into Heaven?

To learn how this relationship came about, you have to travel way back in time. Since life is starting to appear in the spring, it has long been a time of celebration in many religions. Baby animals are born and crops start growing during this time. Even ancient pagans celebrated the coming of spring. The Saxon culture worshipped a fertility goddess by the name of Eastre and gave her her own festival. Rabbits become associated with the celebration prominently thanks to their reputation of being very fertile creatures.

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During the 2nd century A.D., Christian missionaries travelled trying to convert the pagan people to their religion. In an effort to attract new members to Christianity, the missionaries adopted various customs and festivals into the religion. Since the festival of Eastre occurred at the same time of the year as the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, it was only natural that the two be combined into one holiday which included the sacred rabbit.

People changed Eastre to Easter over the years. The lamb and the rabbit were symbolic innocent creatures that stood for Christ’s sacrifice for man.

As we know it today, you would find the origins of the Easter bunny in 1500s Germany. If children were good during this time, they believed they would receive a set of colored eggs from a magical rabbit. This was a custom which Pennsylvania Dutch immigrants brought to the new world during the 1700s.

As for the eggs that have become an integral part of our Easter festivities, they have also been considered signs of rebirth dating clear back to the early years A.D. The eggs which are an integral part of the celebration dating back to the 600s when Pope Gregory the Great banned the consumption of eggs for the entire period of Lent. Therefore, when Easter arrived and people could eat eggs again, they considered them a special treat. Although we don’t follow this practice today, we have adopted the tradition of making decorated eggs a part of our Easter celebration. Doc No.azlcssaeh-sdgfhkl

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