Hair Transplants The Low Down

When skin grafting started out back in the day, well early in the last century, is was about the skin, and not about the hairs on it. However, as the medical community got better used to the procedure, and more adept at it, thoughts drifted to that possibility. Thank goodness someone actually took it up, hair replacement has become something of a force that everyone subscribes to today, and if you have been battling with the problem of baldness all your life, you just got lucky. You can fix your baldness that way too.

Transplants is not the only hair restoration for men technique available today. Dht blockers and propecia are just some of the options available.

Hey, hair grows from the skin, and so it takes a skin professional to truly understand what that hair loss and hair loss treatment implies. As such, it comes as no surprise that it took New York dermatologist Norman Orentreich to begin much of the work that has become hair replacement today, and that was back in the 1950s. Some journey that has been; we are where we are today because it works and works well.

Donor to recipient, that’s how hair replacement works. Your surgeon takes out skin with hair from an area that is not infected with… er, hair loss, and moves it to another area where your hair is falling off and nothing else seems to be able to stop it. Never an easy thing, it is one lengthy process that sort of moves your hair around four follicles at a time. Little wonder some people would only consider it as a last resort. It takes well longer than a year to complete the whole process!

Hair transplantation was made popular, even for the medical community, by one Norman Orentreich at a time when most just believed that nothing more could be done for the skin beyond skin grafts. It took the greater part of twenty years before if became something that a lot more people took more serious. Today, you and I can subscribe and benefit from all that labor.

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