Hair Loss And Baldness: Take It Easy

Human hair is one of those essential things that develop the notion of beauty. Since a long time ago, hair has given men percieved power. Every one knows the tragic fabel of Samson who lost his astonishing power after his wife Delilah had cut his long hair off.

Today it’s more the matter of visual appearance and beauty rather than strength and power. And practically everyone knows why: plenty of ads, healthy lifestyle programmes and the social dimension of human existence. The concern is that the more we worry about our hair, the less hairs we seem to have. The community is facing the crisis of hair loss, which means more money and time will be invested on hair in the years ahead.

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The problem is somewhere amongst environmental situation, stress, genes and harder brain work. However,hundreds of specialists that try to work the problem out are not really positive about the real cause of the hair loss pandemic all over the globe. It’s almost always individual and can be either one negative point or the group of negative factors that contribute to it.

Every hair on our body has its own follicle to grow from. The follicles develop cells that subsequently turn into hairs. So, hairs are those deceased cells that have been pushed out of a follicle. It is normal to lose 50-100 hairs per day. If somebody loses more, that can eventually lead to baldness.

Hair loss is not that much catastrophic as it seems to be. It can be treated, successfully by unique drugs like Propecia. It is not dangerous for your well-being. Yet, the numbers show that about 50% of men around the world suffer from minor or severe baldness and the age groups go down averaging at thirty to forty years of age.

People that begin losing hair routinely have to follow simple rules to avert further hair loss. But if the condition grows to real baldness it is advisable that you talk to a specialist first. Anyhow, preventing methods are also appreciated. Hair has to be cared for every single day. It is always advised that you wash your hair due to your hair type and if you do that every single day, then you have to get hold of an appropriate shampoo and balsam, especially in summer.

However, it is fairly hard to stay calm and collected, when there are so many myths concerning hair and baldness. Most of them basically are concerning men, as males are believed to suffer from baldness more than females. In actuality, men suffer from the so called horse-shoe pattern around the sides of their head which makes the baldness more evident.

Another matter has something to do with the genetical concept of hair loss attaching a rumor that it is just enough to have a look at a father and you’ll see his son when he becomes older, this is not biologically correct as it assumes the sole influence of father’s genes in forming the son’s cells.

Popular hair loss myths also include:

  • it is bad for the hair to wear a hat etc.
  • it is useless to care about my hair as I can not prevent my old age baldness anyway.
  • baldness can sometimes be one of the side effects of shampoo/balsam overuse.

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