Do Males Serious Hair Loss Remedies Function For Girls Also?

Ladies can have comparable hair loss issues to men. They’re usually even caused by the precise very same hormone, DHT, so can a hair growth product work for a females if it works for a man? That depends upon the item.

Typically times over the counter hair loss products have a male and female version. Whilst the cause of hair loss might be comparable the effectiveness and side effects caused by that item on a females might not be the same as a man.

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Prescription products

It appears that prescription medications for Hair Loss for instance Propecia is often used by both men and females. Needless to say check with your family physician just before attempting any prescription based hair loss treatment. This item works by reducing the amount of DHT inside your body so that there is not as much to bind with hair follicles on the scalp.

Negative side effects that usually occur in men are reduced sex drive and some times erectile disfunction, of course I can not say if a females would experience a decreased libido or not. Again check with your family physician for details about prospective side effects.

Topical Remedies for Ladies

Most hair loss shampoos is often used for both men or females as well as the formulation could be the very same. Items for instance Nisim NuHair BioFactors is mentioned to generate amazing results not just for premature hair loss caused by DHT but also other forms of alopecia too.

Items for instance Rogaine come in two forms, 1 for men and another for females. I’d suggest that if there’s a females certain formulation that females should go with that item rather then working with the mens.

Over The Counter Oral Remedies

This appears to be where there is certainly the greatest difference between male and female hair growth treatments. Common non prescription oral supplements that are supposed to quit hair loss are distinctive for men and females.

Common products for instance Provillus and Procerin every have a female version offered for sale. Again, like the topical remedies if there’s a women’s version of the item offered I would suggest working with it exclusively.

If you’d like some far more information and facts, or you’re not certain what products are offered for women’s hair loss visit us at or 562.885.4577.

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