Creatine: Does it Really Contribute to Male Pattern Baldness?

Your body manufactures a substance called Creatine, and you probably aren’t even aware it’s there. This natural organic acid helps increase muscle mass and provide extra energy. People who are interested in building up muscle mass will certainly be aware of the substance however. Creatine is plentiful in meat, so body builders and wrestlers eat plenty of it to maximize their ability to achieve the most muscle mass. The question with creatine is, however, while you’re beefing up your muscles, are you causing your hair to fall out?

Are you now wondering what exactly it does when taken in massive doses? Can it really accelerate balding by increasing the body’s levels of testosterone? It has been discovered that creatine raises DHT levels which can cause issues in the future. The hair follicles and other parts of the body are responsible for creating DHT. This substance plays a large role in male pattern baldness. However, this theory has yet to be proven since creatine has been used for quite a few years and there is no evidence that proves it leads to baldness.

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You will probably come across a lot of conflicting information when researching the effects of creatine on the body. You’ll probably find plenty of articles that state that it does cause balding, however, you will also come across some that state it doesn’t cause baldness at all. You can’t help but wonder who to believe.

Those who believe that creative can cause balding say that elevated levels of DHT can indeed trigger male pattern balding in men who are genetically-prone. The hair on both the top of the head and the sides have proven to be more sensitive to increased DHT than back hair does. Hair follicles will decrease in size and stop functioning if a large amount of DHT is present in the body.

There hasn’t been enough long-term testing done to conclude either way. Until this testing has been done, people who ingest a lot of creatine will just have to take their chances with losing their hair. You’ll find plenty of people who feel it’s worth the risks to eat high levels of the substance.

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