Anything New in Hair Loss Research?

It’s no secret that male and female hair loss research have transformed into separate fields of study on their own. This is surprising considering that millions of people have lived through hair loss and millions more continue to do so. In some sectors of society, men who don’t have hair are even considered attractive and appealing.

Of course there are those members of the population that still prefer to have hair. A lot of these individuals even suffer from poor self-esteem when they start to lose their strands. This is one explanation behind the sudden boom of interest in hair research. The strong interest is growing even if far more serious medical conditions deserve attention.

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Before we try to explore what’s new with balding, let’s review what we know first. Most of us are already aware that hair shedding in men is actually caused by testosterone turning to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and shrinking hair follicles. In the past, it was theorized that the more DHT in a man, the more likely he was to suffer from hair problems. In recent decades however, it has been discovered that some men may also be more genetically predisposed to the condition than others. Hence, it is not really the amount of DHT that matters more but the genetic propensity.

Since the male condition is now fairly understood, several hair loss treatments have been generated. There are now a couple of synthetic DHT blockers that can help reduce or minimally reverse the condition. Some natural options are also being looked into. Saw palmetto for instance has been identified as a possible natural solution. It originally came under the radar of researchers because it was being studied for the possible benefits it could give men with prostate conditions. It holds some potential for blocking DHT. Do keep in mind though that to date, there is still no absolute cure for male balding.

Current research efforts now center on women. It has been found out by scientific inquiries and studies that females may also actually be suffering from a form of this condition. The difference between men and women though is that females don’t really lose strands dramatically. Diffuse thinning is how the condition manifests itself in females. Not a lot of female sufferers will admit to this though.

The bad news is that women can’t really use the major solutions used by men. Only minoxidil can be used in very small amounts on the female scalp. This minimal application is what is approved by government regulators.

There is a reason why women need to tread with caution when it comes to hair loss treatments. The condition in females can actually stem from tension, ailment and decreased hormone levels. Taking chemical applications may do more harm than good.

It seems that science still has a lot to go when it comes to balding and thinning hair loss research especially on studies about the causes of hair loss in women. It is a definite fact though that many men and women will be waiting for more research updates in the years to come.

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