Alopecia Hair Loss – Do Females Get It Too?

There is a tendency for some sources to put the terms alopecia female hair loss in one phrase. For the purpose of truly defining the condition however, it is vital to keep in mind that the terms are really one and the same. The medical terminology of what is commonly known as hair loss is alopecia. This is a condition in which the individual experiences the reduction of hair growth and an increase in hair fall. To be more precise though, there are different types and manifestations of this condition. An individual may be suffering from one of the many types.

Majority of hair fall sufferers have what is known as androgenetic alopecia. This is the most popular of all the specific conditions. Men who have it are most often seen with wide hairless areas on the scalp. Remaining hair growth may be limited to the back and bottom sides of the scalp. In women, the condition is defined only by diffuse hair thinning. They don’t really end up with bald heads. What is commonly blamed for this condition is genetic inheritance and hormonal activity. Balding may run in the family plus the male hormone DHT may contribute to degrading the hair follicles. The reason why women experience it too is because they also carry the hormone in their bodies.

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Another sudden hair loss type is alopecia aratea. This can lead to bare patches on the scalp. This is commonly regarded as an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system inexplicably attacks the hair follicles, thereby causing the hair loss. Females are not exempt from this type of the condition. The real reason why the immune system sometimes goes berserk is still unknown. Some experts point out that the condition may also be accompanied by serious medical conditions such as lupus and vitiligo.

A third type of the condition is traction alopecia. This is one of the least difficult to explain. The one main causal factor of the condition is tight hair styling. People who often wear corn rolls or pony tails may be candidates for this condition. Since hair is pulled tight, the strands can literally get uprooted. The resulting wound will eventually heal but a scar could form over it. If the scarring is severe, it may be impossible for hair to grow back on it.

There are also a couple of individuals who are prone to telogen effluvium. This happens when an individual becomes too stressed out. The cause of tension can be either physical or emotional. Those who have just given birth for example or those who have just undergone severe ailments may notice hair fall of this type. There is also a possibility that difficult personal relationships may cause the kind of severe emotional stress that can adversely affect hair. The best remedy for this condition is to relieve stress and anxiety.

Women shouldn’t think they’re entirely safe from female hair loss. Any woman however who does undergo this condition should investigate the possible cause of female hair loss. It is only when the causes are identified can the condition be remedied.

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