Alopecia Gives Us Something To Think About


This really hassled me as soon as I turned 16. My hair seemed to be slipping away from me. Not all of it obviously. Nevertheless, there appeared to be some forest denudation beginning on the leading part of my head. So to believe I wanted to have that long hair. But who cares right?

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So, I suddenly think of hair transplant. But that’s too costly for my age, if you are aware of what I mean. If you nonetheless really feel that you are on the procedure of growing up, there is a have to appear always good. Unless obviously, you’ve that I-hate-the-world syndrome so you are pretty a lot the exception. In desperation to cover that impending bald spot, I decided to strategy donning the semi bald appear, so that nobody will notice. To my dismay, the almost no hair appear attempt will be no good to my scar which I’ve been attempting to hide for years. Would I consider hair replacement treatment?

So I’ve an excellent dilemma at hand. Cut my hair or rather shave my hair towards the point of baldness and reveal my scar. Or I could grow it long and reveal that impending bald spot on my head. It is a no win scenario for me then. I became utterly devastated. That is the lesser evil, I ponder?


Well, boys with scars are always interesting. They’ve a story to tell. I could go for becoming mysterious as to the way I got the scar and play it cool by telling a heroic story about how I recued some little girl back when I had my summer vacation on an island. Searching in the mirror, I see all the lanky, 5’5’, browned-skin, big stomach of me posing at a strange guy. It will by no means function. Sigh; scratch that, going back to my analysis.

I then regarded as transplants for men. It is about planting some hair on your head and rescues it from the eventual baldness. As they say, prevention is always much better than cure. I know you get my point right? My analysis tells me that it is efficient because it’ll just grow unnoticed. This really is science at its very best I guess. Propagating your hair and planting on your head is very phenomenal. And if you mess with it, there is already a hair replacement treatment. Never mind the price tag if you’re in to searching good!

Then I realized. It is like an concept slammed in my head. Reality checking in. my uncle and my dad are bald too. Perhaps this is all genetics and I could actually inquire further the way they cope with my present-day situation. But I do not wish to point fingers at them. But it is all genetics!!!Well, it is always nice to know that when imp feeling a little down because of this, I’m not alone.

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