VITAMINS Shampoo – Hair Growth Stimulation that Flat Out works to conquer Thinning Hair. Professionally Recommended. Patented Ingredients.

Our hair was getting thinner and we did not like it! As a woman, I hated that my hair was getting thinner and my husband was not happy because his hairline was receding fast.

We were desperate and determined so we bought several products that we thought would help the problem and we ended up throwing out a TON of money. If you're anything like me, you know what I'm talking about.

Then I saw a gal I hadn't seen in a long time and her usually wimpy hair looked great. She explained she had been using a shampoo for hair growth and it had changed her hair. I could see that!

The shampoo was called VITAMINS Shampoo and having been burned often before I decided to look into it.

I was impressed. It turned out to contain a patented botanical ingredient that underwent laboratory testing and was proven to work. (Increased growth by 121% and reduced shedding by 46%).

I also liked that it had other natural ingredients like biotin, coconut oil and castor oil and it doesn't contain drugs or other potentially harmful ingredients.

After checking out their website I went on Amazon to read some reviews and people were raving about their hair because of this shampoo. It has a 100% Money Back Guarantee and free shipping, plus Amazon's guarantee, so I went ahead and bought some.

All I can say is wow. What a difference this has made for both of us. Right off the bat our hair looked so much better! It was thicker and shinier and healthier looking overall. Overnight we began seeing less hair on the floor. Our hair just stopped falling out. I began getting compliments (that hadn't happened in years!) and my husbands hair looked thicker and fuller.

After a few weeks, we began to see new growth. My husband noticed it first around his hairline and mine was more generalized. This shampoo really does what it says!

We love it and we will continue to use it.

One final thing. The company is outstanding! The shampoo comes with a Free Hair Growth Guide that is really very useful and they actually called me to see how everything was going with their product and if there was anything they could do to help! 5-star customer service!

Below is some more information but if you have had it with throwing things in the dust bin that don't live up to their promises, then I suggest you don't waste your money on anything else and give this a try.

**UPDATE** We have now been using this shampoo for about five months and I thought it would be a good time to come back and update our experience. My hair was at my shoulders before VITAMINS Shampoo and it is now below my shoulders! I would say it has grown about 4 inches and it is MUCH thicker than before. Jack, my husband, is thrilled. He sees hairs growing back in his hair line and bald spot. The same company makes a supplement for hair and we now take that too. We think the combination is working even better. (They are NOURISH Vitamins and we get both products on Amazon)

* LOOK TERRIFIC AND FEEL MORE CONFIDENT. Immediate enhancements in thickness and sheen in males and females. Best treatment for alopecia, hair growth, hair loss and shedding. Your purchase helps St Jude Children's Research Hospital.

* NO DRUGS (like Minoxidil, Rogaine) or Antibiotics (like Ketoconazole). Formulated with a natural trademarked DHT blocker plus Biotin, Coconut oil and Castor Oil

* FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS use our Complete Hair Regeneration System including NOURISH Vitamins for Hair Growth Support

* MADE IN THE UNITED STATES in our FDA registered lab. No animal testing ever. Color safe. Fabulous lather and fragrance. 10 oz

* WORKS OR MONEY BACK. That's how positive we are you will love the results.


VITAMINS Shampoo contains Procapil – an herbal DHT blocker developed in Europe and scientifically shown to:

• Stimulate hair growth by 121%.

• Lower hair loss by 46%.

• Boost the time hair remains in the Anagen stage (the Growth Stage).

• Thicken the root sheath to supply better hair follicle anchoring so you can keep the hair you have.

Much better Manageability.
More volume.
More body.
Enhanced luster.
Less thinning.
Healthier hair.

Most importantly, Procapil is all natural including Biotin, herbal Oleanolic Acid and Apigenin, stemmed from citrus. Plus coconut oil and castor oil for included growth and retention, as well as density and luster.

VITAMINS Shampoo for Hair Growth just plain works for both men and women.

We're so positive it will work for you, we are going to let you try it risk free.

Go on, purchase it now, use the whole bottle and if you're not 100% satisfied let us know and we'll give you your money back! You risk nothing and you gain everything when you order today.


** VITAMINS Shampoo works on contact. To obtain optimal results, UNINTERRUPTED USE IS RECOMMENDED **

HIGH DEMAND CAUSES PERIODIC PRODUCT SHORTAGES. You may want to think about buying multiple bottles as outcomes will likely diminish or reverse with discontinued or sporadic use.

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