Reasons For Hair Loss

A huge percentage of people all over the world are by now experiencing hair loss. This common dilemma among men and women are causing embarrassment as well as faltering social life and self confidence.

Hair loss is characterized by the gradual losing of hair follicles in the scalp. The abnormal falling off of the hair in the scalp along with the irregular slow growth of the new hair tends to create baldness among many people.

So, what is the reason why many people are having hair loss?

Our hair is undergoing hair growth cycle. First, the hair will start to fall off and a new hair will then grow from its place. This new hair will stay and grow for two to three years and will go a resting period for a few months. Then it will fall off and new hair is born.

The falling off of the hair is a common situation known as shedding. Like animals, humans also shed. For about 50 strands of hair daily, human shed off these old hairs and will grow a new and health hair.

But, in terms of hair loss, hair will shed off more than its daily requirement. Moreover, no new hair is growing from where the old hair falls off hence, the impression of a clear scalp or a bald head.

For men, hair loss is triggered by their hormones. The testicles produce a hormone that blocks or reduces the normal flow of the blood in the scalp hence no hair is growing.

In addition to this reason, stress and unhealthy lifestyle will also trigger hair loss. Our hair requires more protein and vitamins in order to stay on a normal growth. Therefore, lots of protein plus vitamins and zinc is needed for the hair to grow normally.

Another reason is due to the medication taken in for other health conditions like high blood pressure or tumor. Surgeries and treatments like chemotherapy also induce the effects of hair loss.

Lastly, hair loss is a sign or a symptom from an early detection of a serious disease like lupus or diabetes.

So, is there hope for people with hair loss?

Yes, although there is no exact cure for hair loss, many treatments are introduced in order to cease its effects.

A natural solution for hair loss is the Hair Again program. This procedure introduces step by step ways on how to identify the cause of hair loss, treat hair loss in a more natural way and avoid hair loss in the future.

Every step in the Hair Again is a guide for men and women to have more healthy and good looking hair in the future.


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